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I have been teaching sewing and quilting in Amador County for 20 years. I have taught children and adults the skill of making garments and creating quilts of the heart. My vision is to have a classroom for the creative community for sharing and learning.

I firmly believe being able to explore and executing our creative side is like feeding the soul. To find a medium where we can express our feelings, visions, dreams and desires. It brings happiness, fulfillment and therapy to our hearts. MIY Studio offers classes not just in Sewing and Quilting but many other art mediums also. paper, painting, flower arranging, fabric dying, art quilts, embroidery, beading and much more!

Take a moment to check out the diverse classes MIY Studio has to offer and the talent that has been found in the area. Featured Artists are brought in who are experts in their field and share the techniques and style with you. Choose a class or two and allow yourself the luxury of feeding your creative soul and ...