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T-Shirt Quilt

T-shirts that have meaning to us often lay in a drawer without ever being seen or worn. Create this personalized quilt that will be cherished. This is a great quilt for those graduating from high school, Special Birthday or event for someone. We will learn to prepare the T-shirts, create a one of a kind design, piecing to make the quilt lay flat and then it is time for quilting. MIY Studio Volcano Indoor or ZOOM.

Garment Class

Do you have a favorite shirt, skirt, dress???? Anelie will teach you how to use your favorite garment to make a pattern. We will then calculate how much fabric is needed and what supplies. In the second class you will bring your fabric to class and we will begin to make your garment. Anelie suggests starting with a rather simple garment to get familiar with the process and better for getting the garment done. MIY Studio Indoor and ZOOM.

Catch All Tote

This little tote is great to have alongside your work space. It can hold tools, threads, fabric or just be a catch all. The handles makes it easy to pick up and move around. Fun to make for yourself or to gift for others. This is a wonderful project for a beginner. Location: MIY Studio

Nov 20
Help from a Professional